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Many Hands Make Light Work

Lend A Hand Bahamas (LAHB), is a Bahamian nonprofit that seeks to bring more activities and opportunities to socio-economically disadvantaged areas of the Bahamas. Currently, we are mainly operating in Grant’s Town/ Bain’s Town areas of Nassau with smaller initiatives in other islands of the Bahamas.

If you would like to learn more about how to support or get involved please send a request for more information to Help make a difference and join us!


Mission Statement

Lend A Hand Bahamas is a Bahamian nonprofit focused on bringing more activities and opportunities to socio-economically disadvantaged areas of the Bahamas through hands-on 4H based programming and enhanced collaboration with other local, national, and global nonprofits. Lend a Hand Bahamas is not just a group on a mission, it is a concept for successful life, community and country, to be shared and promoted as a critical solution for all the challenges we face.

What We Do

Immediate objectives

  • To offer constructive opportunities and activities to hundreds of children ages 4-20
  • To empower young women
  • To bring in programs and charities from around the Bahamas, Caribbean, and the world
  • To give the children positive role models from both domestic and international backgrounds
  • To promote animal welfare and rights in the areas we serve
  • To begin entrepreneurial projects and programs that can bring financial support to the children and their families
  • To bring attention to the economically depressed condition of areas we serve and mobilize positive support
Long-term objectives
  • To increase the literacy and education level of the children in the area
  • To reduce the amount of crime in the community
  • To develop innovative computer science focused programs
  • To support senior citizens and shut-ins of the communities we serve
  • To raise the family income levels of the families in the area
  • To support children with scholarships who wish to pursue trade programs or university
  • To create a model for community development that can be replicated elsewhere in Nassau and the Bahamas