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Neville & Nora Dorsett Community Center 2018-11-05T04:29:20+00:00

Neville and Nora Dorsett Community Center

Grant’s Town (Lewis Street)

The Community Center was completed in the Fall of 2018. Initially, the Center will feature after-school programming incorporating core 4-H programs and other programs we identify as useful and impactful for youth ages 4-20 years old. 4-H is a positive youth development organization where young people are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. Youth of all ages will take part in a variety of programming that has been vetted and tested by 4-H clubs around the world. In addition to our 4-H programming, we are constantly building partnerships with other nonprofits, foundations, companies, and individuals from the Bahamas as well as abroad to implement innovative and impactful programs or short-term initiatives. Programs currently being implemented include: financial literacy, workforce prep, swimming, reading, and soon a computer literacy/science program. 

In the near future, the Center will also be utilized to run programs for unemployed individuals in the community, young stay-at-home mothers, and the elderly. We welcome ideas and connections for new and impactful programs, so please reach out.