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The Team

Tammi Clarke-Rahming
Tammi Clarke-RahmingExecutive Director
Tammi Clarke-Rahming is a youth worker, dynamic speaker, and motivator. She firmly believes in a strong work ethic, collaboration, and the continual pursuit of new ideas for improving Bahamian Urban Communities. Her passion for youth and urban communities is one to be admired. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of the Bahamas, and was employed at The Department of Social Services as a Community Social Worker in the Western district of the Bahamas where she offered financial services to families residing in such areas such as Bain Town, Big Pond, Gambier and Carmichael Road. She has also worked as an Adoption Social Worker where she worked closely with the courts system. This position allowed her to perfect her skills of Bahamian laws and acts that protect the rights and best interest of children and adolescents.
Mitsyann Burrows
Mitsyann BurrowsPrograms and Facility Coordinator
Mitsyann Burrows grew up in Jamaica where every school has incorporated 4-H projects into their curricula. Understanding the benefits of attending clubs from a young age, she recognizes the benefits 4-H activities bring to young people who live in Rural and Urban populations. This is Mitsyann’s third year working alongside Shelagh Pritchard, developing and implementing programs in Nassau.